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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Support

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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Support

Our Services Proposal

Our service proposal is aimed at ensuring the management, operation and implementation of the OpenText Extended ECM for SAP tool.

Our services offer the following characteristics:

OpenText Specialized Remote Support in Monterrey office.

OpenText environments monitoring.

OpenText help desk with high level of services based on ITIL methodologies.

OpenText Implementation Projects in High Availability and DRP.

Design of Technology Architecture Solutions.

Platform Sizing support.

Security, Roles and Profiles

Services detail:

OpenText Expert Support

It is made up of a professional technical team of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP with ample experience focused on resolution of technical problems that cause failures in the productive operation of the systems, tracking the error (s) and applying the best practices for the resolution of the same or adjustments in technical configurations of the application, in the database or in the operating system.

Production environment Monitoring

This service is focused on maintaining stable operation and proactive management to solve problems that cause system crashes and affect the operation.
This monitoring is done daily at the start of the day and a report is sent containing the health of the system considering its critical points.

Security, Roles and Profiles

Our service proposal is based on implementing security through OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Roles and Profiles, based on best practices and recommendations during implementation projects, or improving security in an already implemented environment.