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Money Laundering Prevention

DYCSI > Money Laundering Prevention

Automatic generation of alerts

Payment entry program ready to generate the corresponding alerts.

Automatic alerts that groups relevant and unusual operations.

It allows deciding which operations to send to the committee for reporting.

Reports according to the layout of the CNBV

It generates the report of relevant, unusual, unusual 24-hour and internal operations of concern.

Reports to view cases and follow-up granted.

Audit logs.

Unusual 24-hour operations

It allows sending a 24-hour IO when there is information based on indications or specific facts that the resources may come from illegal activities.

Worrying internal operations

It allows any employee to report an OIP to the Compliance Officer.

Unusual operations

Payments greater than the daily maximum amount and accumulated monthly.

Number of payments higher than the maximum monthly frequency.

Payments with a currency, monetary instrument or bank different from that established in your transactional profile.

Early settlement of credits.

Accumulation of cash payments of 500 USD or more of any foreign currency that in its total in a calendar month sum 10,000 USD or more.

Payments from countries considered as tax havens.

Log of strict surveillance operations

Cash transactions in foreign currency or traveler´s checks for $ 500 or more

Operations in a calendar month, in cash for 1,000,000 pesos or more, or in cash in dollars or any other foreign currency, for 100,000 USD or more.

Individuals who in a calendar month accumulate payments in excess of 300,000 pesos in cash.

Moral people who in a calendar month accumulate payments in excess of 500,000 pesos in cash.

Black lists and politically exposed people

It allows to automatically query the names of clients, endorsements and companies of the application in black lists and of people politically exposed.

Interface to the ``Who´s Who`` database.

Allows you to load internal blacklists.

Relevant operations

Payments for USD 10,000 or more in cash or its equivalent in any currency at the exchange rate of the day.

Transactional profile

Maximum daily and monthly amount.

Maximum number of payments allowed per month.

Coins, monetary instruments and banks allowed.

Category of risk.

Risk matrix establishes a category according to the data of the request.

The maximum amounts automatically calculate according to the data of the request.