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FINOBANK Teller Solution


Teller High-Level Architecture


The purpose of teller operations is the introduction of charge and credit movements on accounts, both cash and instrument transactions. The FINOBANK Teller solution allows integrity in all Banking Core operations, with all the security provided by the SAP platform. It is very easy to operate and training users is very simple.

The solution has the Multi-transaction feature, which means that a client can be made several operations at a time, and this for the client is a single operation but for the system are multiple operations. It also has automatic posting as it is integrated with the ECC.

It has cash audit, and administration of leftovers and missing, as well as control of vault, endowments and denominations (bills and coins).

There is a traceability of the operations, that is to say, that there is an audit trail and profile control, in addition to allowing reserve to all operations with automatic affectation to the accounts involved.

It has the facility to connect to different peripherals (printers, check readers, fingerprint readers, etc.)



The Cash Management solution allows tracking and total control over the logistics of cash.

The process begins the moment a request for purchase of cash is made, through the process of reconciliation of payment for the purchase of cash, tracking the logistics of money in transportation, as well as reception in financial centers or other locations.

It has the control to handle missing and surplus during the logistics process. In this way we can have control of the location of all the money, in such a way that you can take control of which window you find which amount of coins and banknotes, all this in a central way, being able to improve the logistical process of the money in all the branches across the country.