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FINOBANK Deposits Solution


The Finobank Deposits solution includes all the processes associated to the operation of collection accounts, including powerful product configurator, able to configure a product in a matter of minutes, minimizing time to market, reducing costs and getting ahead To competition.

It allows to configure all the types of operations that can be used in any channel, assuring the security and agility necessary to process those transactions.

The solution also includes the origination of cards, checkbooks or other instruments, and allows them to be integrated with suppliers of cards such as PROSA or checkbooks like Lithoforms, ensuring the integrity of the process.


Integration with SPEI

It also has the integration with SPEI, allowing to process all types of payment transactions, including operations of Participating Participant, Third Party Participants, Third Participants and Third Parties, with all necessary security measures to ensure that no payment is processed If the person does not have such authorization, or even that the payments have to go through any number of authorizations, according to the type of payment transaction, as well as the amount of payment.